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The Most Addictive Drugs

What makes certain drugs addictive vary on the individual consuming the drugs and the components that make them, but some drugs contain far more addictive qualities than others. Aside from alcohol, the following are drugs with the highest addictive traits. If you or a loved is suffering from any of the following be sure to contact us for help.

Prescriptions Drugs

Unfortunately, one of the most addictive and destructive drugs on the market today are available with a prescription. Prescription drug addiction is the fastest growing substance issue affecting mostly teenagers and young adults. The most common of addictive drugs are oxycodone and hydrocodone. Detoxing is the first step in treatment. Know when to seek help for yourself or a loved one.


Also known as “smack” this has remained the most addictive illicit substance in the world. With 23 percent of its users becoming dependent on it, it remains the second most treated addiction in America. Treatment along with medication can help lessen the effects of withdrawal drastically.


In the last 10 years, meth has come onto the world stage with a shocking and explosive entrance. Created originally as a cheaper alternative to crack cocaine, it has fast become a source for physical and mental destruction. The use of meth is unique to other drugs due to its rapid deterioration of its users. Long term meth usage tends to have a lower life expectancy rate as opposed to other substances. Treatment is best conducted early in the addiction phase.

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Addiction to Alcohol

By far the most prevalent addiction disease known nationwide is alcoholism. Alcohol addiction affects well over 16 million Americans yearly. The estimated prediction is said to rise and double over the next 5 years. Know what signs to look for if you or a loved one might be addicted. Help yourself or a loved one overcome addiction in a treatment center today.

  • Symptoms of Alcoholism

    Learn about the signs and symptoms to look for whether in yourself or a loved one. Alcoholism if ignored, can be one of the most destructive diseases affecting many Americans. Symptoms can vary anywhere from difficulty concentrating to excessive sweating.

  • Do You Have A Drinking Problem?

    Find out if you or a loved one might have a drinking problem. Knowing what signs to look for can help scale out the severity of the issue.

  • Is Alcohol Ruining Your Life

    Many people afflicted with alcohol addiction are unaware of their problem. Functioning alcoholism tends to be a sign of a much bigger and grave problem. Find out if you or a loved is affected and how to get help.

  • Curing Alcohol Addiction

    Learn how best to quit drinking and how to do it safety. Treatment varies depending on the individual, find out how.

The disease of alcoholism is fortunately one which can be combated with treatment and rehabilitation. Thankfully treatment is but a few steps away. Getting help for ourselves or those we love can help us all not become a statistic to alcoholisms rising numbers.